Services Provided

  • Process piping fabrication and installation:Popham Mechanical Services
    Process piping is a specialty for PMCI. We have provided pipe welders and fitters for 40 years to our clients. PMCI employs some of the best process piping fabricators and installers available and can staff small to large scale jobs. Commonly used materials are: Ferrous Metal: Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, and Stainless Steel. Non-Ferrous Metal: Copper and Copper Alloys, Nickel and Nickel Alloys, Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys, Titanium and Titanium Alloys, Zirconium and Zirconium Alloys. Non-Metal: PVC/CPVC, HDPE.
  • Confined space entry and repairs:
    Many workplaces contain spaces that are considered to be confined space or permit required confined spaces because their configurations hinder the activities of employees who must enter into, work in or exit from them. In many instances, employees who work in confined spaces also face increased risk of exposure to serious physical injury from hazards such as entrapment, engulfment and hazardous atmospheric conditions. Confinement itself may pose entrapment hazards and work in confined spaces may keep employees closer to hazards such as machinery components than they would be otherwise. For example, confinement, limited access and restricted airflow can result in hazardous conditions that would not normally arise in an open workplace. PMCI provides trained and qualified employees to assess the confined space and use engineering controls to eliminate as many hazards a possible before entering to preform work /repairs. An Attendant will monitor the conditions of the space and maintain communications with the entrant at all times while work is being done. PMCI has trained employees and equipment to respond to an emergency if necessary to remove and employee from the space in the event of a medical or physical condition that would require safe assistance of the affected employee that could not get out
    Popham Mechanical Services
  • Steam piping fabrication, installation and repair:
    Popham Mechanical’s certified code welder are second to none when it comes to critical high pressure steam fabrication ,installation and repairs. PMCI has performed thousands of applications from low to high pressure steam work. Call us today with your needs.
  • Ammonia storage and piping:
    Ammonia is widely used in the water and wastewater treatment industry to create chloramines for disinfectant purposes. Chloramines can provide adequate disinfection without as much generation of the harmful disinfectant by-products. Ammonia is used in the production of fertilizer, as the primary ingredient in smelling salt, and many other chemical industries. It is also used and a refrigerant in many industrial settings. Popham Mechanical’s employees are trained to understand the dangers associated working with and around ammonia and know how to obtain specific detail of your ammonia system and its content makeup.
  • Structural steel fabrication and installation:
    Popham Mechanical can help you with your structural steel access platforms, stairs, equipment bases, foundations, support structures, shelters, buildings, fixtures, storage racks, shipping frames, jigs and a lot more. Give us a call today with your needs and let our staff help you solve your access platform problems from ground level to 200 feet in the air our crews will be glad to help you.
  • Heavy equipment removal and installation:Popham Mechanical Services
    PMCI has been involved in heavy and large scale lifting of pumps motors, boilers, heat exchangers, ventilation penthouses, economizers, wort boilers and many other specialty items. From a 20 HP electric motor to a 40,000 pound vessel we will move or remove it.
  • Electrical, Industrial, Commercial:
    PMCI has a great team of electrical personnel to handle your electrical needs from low voltage through medium voltage. PMCI has trained and qualified electricians with the ability to install whatever you need when it comes to commercial and industrial electrical. Our team takes pride in their work from the initial conduit or wire basket runs being true, level, plumb and neatly organized to routing, pulling and connecting or terminating. Proper labeling is crucial for future maintenance and tracking of circuits. PMCI also specializes in lighting designs, LED upgrades and installation. Call today for consultation and a quote for services.
  • Communication, Controls and Automation:
    Equipment installation, routing, pulling and connecting PLC control cables and proper labeling and routing and installing cat 6 or fiber optics is also services provided by PMCI.
  • Boiler and pressure vessel repairs:
    In accordance with ASME guidelines and plant needs PMCI can build and repair your pressure vessel systems. PMCI holds the “S”,”U”,”PP” &”R” Certifications necessary to perform most code repair and fabrication.
    Popham Mechnical Services
  • Underground utilities:
    Communication cables, process waste piping, sewer and drain, storm water management, gravity drain, force main, electrical conduit/ duct bank installation, reclaim water and purification piping.
  • Laser alignments of pumps motors and drives:
    PMCI has available the latest equipment in Laser alignment for pumps motors, drives etc. and trained personnel to achieve the tolerance you are looking for in your equipment drives.
  • Bypass pumping:
    From bypassing an entire plant to bypassing a single process waste drain, we have the equipment and manpower to handle your needs. Systems can be designed for automatic startup to notifying you when there is a problem.
  • Underground pipe lining:
    PMCI can install cure in place slip lining in existing waste drains that eliminate costly excavation of concrete and equipment removal to repair deteriorated piping and waste drains.
  • Manhole rehabilitation:
    PMCI can install a variety of liners, polymers, epoxy and grouts to save cost of installing new man ways in most systems that have some degree of deterioration or erosion but not a structural failure.Popham Mechanical Services
  • Equipment maintenance:
    PMCI works with a variety of clients that are not staffed for general preventative maintenance like air compressor service, ventilation fans, dock door plates, fresh air handling filter changes, gear case oil service, bearing and bushing inspections, drive belts and couplers and more.
  • Conveyor installation and maintenance:
    PMCI installs all major brands of conveyor systems. Our services include but are not limited to material handling conveyors, chain oilers, belt adjustments, air compressor service, drive belt replacement, drive motor replacement, belt tracking, spiral lowrator/ elevator services, gearbox service, chain and sprocket replacements and more.
  • Fertilizer handling equipment installation and maintenance:
    Drag chain conveyors, drives, reducers, elevators, grinders, de-clumpers, baggers and more.
  • Demolition:
    PMCI has equipment to facilitate any type of structural steel, concrete, building, piping, electrical, coal handling, chemical storage or steam generating equipment. Call today if you have any type of demolition work, we will be glad to help come up with a solution for your concerns.